Friday, May 19, 2017

Why is teamwork important?

This week all of our pieces of text had a theme of teamwork.  We read stories about the International Space Station, Astronauts, and Fossil Hunters.  The skills we worked on included finding key details and determine the main idea.  We also worked a lot summarizing the pieces of text that we read.  Students really took an interest in the pieces about space.  We watched a few short video's taken at the International Space Station that we all found fascinating.

We started to read the classic story Charlotte's Web this week, I love this book!  It made me so happy to see how many students had already read it on their own.  The class really enjoys these read aloud moments in class.

In math, we worked a lot with word problems and measurements.  We will finish this unit out next week.  Students will take the assessment on Wednesday!

Next week we will take our Spring round of MAP testing!  I'm excited to see how much each child has grown since September.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 12, 2017

2nd Place!!!!

I'm so proud of our entire 2nd grade for coming in 2nd place at the UNLESS contest.  Mrs. Wells did a fantastic job working with the students during science on this great project.  We hope it is a memory that they will always have of their 2nd grade experience.  Thank-you to all the chaperone's that helped yesterday we could not have done this without our help!  It was great seeing so many parents at the zoo to help cheer us on!

We have been working on a top secret project that I hope the mom's will enjoy!  If your child doesn't give it to you this weekend ask them for it, it'll probably be in their backpacks.

Student took their unit 12 assessment in math.  We will continue with more measuring skills in unit 13 next week.

In writing we are working on poetry.  This unit if really fun, students get to show their creative side.

I hope that all the mom's have a fantastic Mother's Day weekend!!

Friday, May 5, 2017


This week all of our readings were myths.  Each myth had a lesson or message.  In little groups we read Greek myths, some of the students really enjoyed these stories.  We worked on identifying the theme of each story.  We also did a lot of work with adjectives, nouns, and compound words this week.

In math we continued to learn about units of measurement.  We will wrap topic 12 up next week.  Students will take the topic assessment on Wednesday.

Our writing project for the week was really fun.  Each child choose the best part of them to write about.  These are displayed in the hallway upstairs.  Here is a picture, they did a great job!
We continued to learn about service jobs in Social Studies.  Students had fun acting out jobs in a pantomime this week.

The 2nd hydration station was finished being installed this morning!!! Yay!!! We are all so excited to be able to fill up our bottles right outside the classroom.

Remember Thursday, May 11th is our trip to the zoo.  Please pack a bag lunch, not glass bottles!  We will NOT be going to the gift shop!! NO MONEY needed for the trip!  We are so excited to hear the announcement about the UNLESS project!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!