Friday, October 20, 2017


This week we jumped into researching!  I modeled for students how to find important information in in non-fiction text.  We used a can, have, are graphic organizer to record our information.  We gathered information from 3 different books about bats.  The kids really enjoyed learning about bats. After gathering our facts we worked on writing a simple report on bats.  Students had to write a topic sentence, include 3 bat facts and a closing sentence in their reports.  I modeled how to do this and students applied to their report.  The reports will be hanging in our classroom.

In math we are continuing to learn lots of strategies for addition, however we are starting to work with double digits.  For some students this is a challenge.  All students need to be able to count by 10's starting from any number.  For example 34, 44, 54, 64.  If you child struggles with this please practice this at home.

In writing we are starting to work on personal narratives.  We read a story called The Leaving Morning, it is a story about a family moving.  This example was a great model.  We brainstormed events from our own lives that we could use as topics for our own personal narratives.  We will have many mini lessons over the next few weeks as we work on personal narratives.

This week in Social Studies we explored features of Urban, Rural, and Suburban communities. We will finish this unit up next week. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Fire House Visit!

Today we had our annual firehouse visit, in honor of fire prevent.  The volunteers are always to informative and really make the children understand how to handle an emergency situation.  Here are a few pictures from our visit.

In Literacy this week we continued to look for key details while reading.  All of our stories had to do with families and how they work together.  In our little groups students worked independently to find key details.

In math we finished up Topic 2, we will start Topic 3 next week.  We will continue working on addition and subtraction strategies.  The timed homework practice is helping the students to become more fluent with facts.  This will be very useful for when we get to double digit addition and subtraction.

In SS we focused on Urban communities.  We discussed what an urban community might look, sound and feel like.  Students will do a role playing activity about urban communities next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fossil Dig!!

The Fossil Park was so much fun!!  The kids learned so much about fossils and they loved digging in the dirt and mud.  Students from Rowan gave us lots of information about the dig site and the fossils that are being found.  We learned that millions of years ago this area of New Jersey was underwater.  The ocean covered NJ and the shore line was accross the river in Philadelphia.  Enjoy some pictures fom today's trip.  A huge thank-you to Mrs. Gallinaro for organizing this trip!

This week in Literacy we read about how we care for animals.  The skills we focused on included finding details and asking questions as we read for understanding.  We read about veternarians, we found out that there are several types of vets.  We also read about a boy named Jack and the responsiblities that he has for taking car of his horse.  In our little groups we read about people who help whales that are stranded.

In math we worked on odd and even numbers.  This was a review skill from 1st grade.  Please practice counting by 2's, some of the students struggled with this skill this week.

In SS we wrapped up our first unit about what people do in communities.  We are starting our next unit on the different types of communities (Urban, Suburban, and Rural).

Have a wonderful weekend!