Friday, May 12, 2017

2nd Place!!!!

I'm so proud of our entire 2nd grade for coming in 2nd place at the UNLESS contest.  Mrs. Wells did a fantastic job working with the students during science on this great project.  We hope it is a memory that they will always have of their 2nd grade experience.  Thank-you to all the chaperone's that helped yesterday we could not have done this without our help!  It was great seeing so many parents at the zoo to help cheer us on!

We have been working on a top secret project that I hope the mom's will enjoy!  If your child doesn't give it to you this weekend ask them for it, it'll probably be in their backpacks.

Student took their unit 12 assessment in math.  We will continue with more measuring skills in unit 13 next week.

In writing we are working on poetry.  This unit if really fun, students get to show their creative side.

I hope that all the mom's have a fantastic Mother's Day weekend!!