Friday, May 19, 2017

Why is teamwork important?

This week all of our pieces of text had a theme of teamwork.  We read stories about the International Space Station, Astronauts, and Fossil Hunters.  The skills we worked on included finding key details and determine the main idea.  We also worked a lot summarizing the pieces of text that we read.  Students really took an interest in the pieces about space.  We watched a few short video's taken at the International Space Station that we all found fascinating.

We started to read the classic story Charlotte's Web this week, I love this book!  It made me so happy to see how many students had already read it on their own.  The class really enjoys these read aloud moments in class.

In math, we worked a lot with word problems and measurements.  We will finish this unit out next week.  Students will take the assessment on Wednesday!

Next week we will take our Spring round of MAP testing!  I'm excited to see how much each child has grown since September.

Have a wonderful weekend!